Construction, Physical Plant and Environmental


Hogan Marren Babbo & Rose has represented numerous institutions in the negotiation of construction contracts, including a major university Hospital, a community hospital, and construction of continuing care residential units.  HMBR’s attorneys have assisted clients, including real estate developers and several of Chicago's largest construction companies and subcontractors,  in negotiating, reviewing and litigating construction contracts.  The firm has represented clients in cases involving mechanic's liens, breach of contract and construction defects on behalf of owners, contractors and subcontractors, many of which have involved extremely complex issues with multiple parties, extensive construction defects, and contract performance issues. Edward Hogan was executive director of the Chicago Construction Committee, which coordinates federal, state, and local governmental construction in Northeastern Illinois, as well as similar activities in Boston, Denver, Kansas City and San Francisco.

Physical Plant and Environmental

In the wake of the tragedies involving the E2 Nightclub and Lincoln Park porch collapse, there is an increase scrutiny on building owners with respect to building code compliance and violations. Our firm has represented numerous large institutions before the Department of Buildings and Zoning with respect to Municipal Code violations. We review current zoning and building code requirements and work with our clients to ensure compliance with those requirements.

The attorneys at Hogan Marren Babbo & Rose have also become involved in disputes arising under guaranteed energy savings performance contracts in arbitration and litigation. Attorneys at HMBR are experienced in reviewing energy savings contracts, annual reports of guaranteed savings, and evaluating the remedies available to the parties for disagreements regarding contractual issues.  HMBR has developed working relations with the engineers and consultants necessary to evaluate the technical requirements of such contracts and has experience analyzing the massive discovery that often accompanies energy performance contracting disputes.

In addition, several attorneys in our firm are currently involved in representing a municipality regarding hazardous materials and toxic waste issues.  Our representation includes both negotiation with other private parties involved, governmental agencies with regulatory and statutory enforcement roles, advising the client, and litigation.